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Warehouse Consulting
and Automation

The warehouse is an extremely crucial link in the entire supply chain of products. quite cumbersome to manage. The accurate management of inventory in warehouses is critical in order to facilitate the multichannel retail of products.

IOanyT Warehouse Consulting and Automation Solutions provide you with accurate, real-time information regarding all the various assets and products being stored in your warehouse.

Some of the advantages of an IOanyT automated 'Smart Warehouse' are:

  • 1) Enables real time visibility
  • 2) Facilitates integration between systems to enable a more seamless supply chain
  • 3) Enables performance measurement and monitoring so that malfunctions can be detected
  • 4) Helps to reduce equipment damage
  • 5) Helps to prevent loss and damage of goods
  • 6) Provides real time data to provide insight to support strategic and tactical decisions
  • 7) Can provide an item's precise location, reducing the time it takes to find inventory
  • 8) Can monitor days to expiration of goods, useful for preventing spoilage and waste
  • 9) Ideal for asset management such as for fleets of trucks and field service vehicles

Smart Warehouse Solutions

The difference between successful companies and the not so successful ones is not huge – it all boils down to the small things. A smarter warehouse that uses technology as much as it can translates into a freer workforce that can concentrate on other tasks. It’s that simple.


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