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Designed To Help Reduce Costs
And Improve Operating Efficiency

Our advanced telematics solutions give your organization huge operational and commercial advantages. We have proved this time and again with numerous corporate organizations who have benefited from our services and showed great appreciation towards us in the past.

The telematics solutions we provide encompass GPS Tracking, Driver Behaviour, Fuel Emissions Reporting, Remote Diagnostics, Real-time Feedback and much more.

GPS Tracking

Imagine a GPS reporting mechanism that tells the entire story of every single journey – where and when idling took place, where your driver braked too harshly, which route was taken – basically each and every minute detail you can ever imagine. This is what our GPS tracking services provide. We help you gain comprehensive insights by providing accurate real-time tracking with historic journey reports, thus helping you save costs, analyse driver behaviour and safeguard vehicle health.

No matter what your vehicle tracking requirements are, we can build customised GPS tracking devices exactly as per your specific needs.

Knowing where your
are every minute of
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School Bus

IOanyT offers school
bus management
solutions in

School bus tracking is designed for you to manage your school bus fleet efficiently by transforming them into smart buses. This enables you to always stay aware about the whereabouts of children and thus ensures their safety. Parents stay updated by using this service and the school can also run the administration and management of buses more effectively.

IOanyT offers school bus management solutions in real-time by using network connectivity and GPS based location information to locate school buses, and an intuitive portal to significantly improve safety and efficiency of the buses as well as the children in it.

Some of the features of IOanyT bus tracking services are:

Real Time Tracking

Track your bus real time on web

Route Replay

Replay the route that a bus has taken


Get an alert as soon as the bus leaves a certain area


Each bus stop is marked on map to know bus position relative to school stops

Parent Alerts

A service where parents of the wards can be sent alerts and notifications about the whereabouts of the bus with respect to their children

Speed Estimates

Get average and real-time speed at all times

Over Speeding Alerts

Set a target speed and get SMS alert on over-speeding

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IOanyT employee tracking solutions provide business organizations with an industry-leading employee tracking and management system that enables them to constantly monitor the location of their entire employee workforce in real-time.

The GPS based tracking solution is designed to maximize the productivity of employees while giving organizations meaningful insights into how they can control and manage their work hours in the most efficient manner through an easy-to-use mobile app. The system automatically generates time sheets in real time, selectable by time, job and employee.

Some of the custom features that can be built into the employee tracking app include:

Real-time Location Tracking

The current location of every single member of the workforce can be seen along with information on their schedule for the present day

Detailed Reports

A detailed report gives you information about not only the location of your employees but also the total distance covered that lets you deploy idle staff to productive assignments

Manage & Improve
Field Force Productivity

You can view detailed reports about the activities and accomplishments of your employees recorded during the course of a particular day and use the information to create strategies that increase productivity

Device for vehicles

IOanyT OBD (On-board Diagnostics) devices are world-class tracking devices that can be fitted to all kinds of vehicles in a matter of seconds. The device connects to the OBD II port of the vehicle to provide telematics data that you can use to monitor your vehicles and protect against misuse. With real-time data at your fingertips, you can ensure that your vehicles are being driven responsibly and taken care of.

The device enhances vehicle security, prevents misuse, optimizes driver behaviour and increases performance overall.

The device can access and provide detailed insights like excessive engine RPM, malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) notifications and other diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). Driver behaviour monitoring and crash detection data provides information about over-speeding, idling, roll-over and other vehicle crash analytics. Unauthorised vehicle movement or tampering can be avoided with real-time alerts. For instance, if the device is unplugged or moved to another vehicle, you get alerted immediately. Any movement without the engine running, like when the vehicle is being towed away also send an alarm notification.

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