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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been the leader since 2011 in providing Infrastructure as Service as per Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, earning highest placement for Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision.

AWS offers scalability without the need to manage server infrastructure. It offers multipurpose services such as data warehousing, machine learning, performance monitoring, etc.

IOanyT is an APN (AWS Partner Network) technology partner, which extensively uses services provided by AWS including but not limited to AWS IOT to provide end to end IOT solutions in which the software solutions are either hosted on or integrated with the AWS cloud.

Honeywell has always been driven by the needs of their valued customers. From an unparalleled range of switch and sensor solutions to workflow process and performance solutions, Honeywell knows that even small changes in a highly scalable environment can make a huge improvement across the entire enterprise.

At iOanyT, we share the same sentiment, and this is why we are so happy to partner with Honeywell.

Sirena Technologies is just like iOanyT – so much so, that we couldn’t but help partner with them for mutual benefit. A well-known name in advanced technological fields like Robotics and IoT, Sirena Technologies has always been a pioneer in making our country a technologically advanced power at the global stage. For this reason alone, we are proud to have partnered with them.

- Sirena Technologies

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