How Does IoT Work?

How many of you dreamed of the Smart Homes where your home devices are operating automatically without human intervention like the lights automatically switch on when you enter the house, coffee pot starts brewing coffee and make your shower on etc.

Isn’t it sounds like an automated home?

Yes, it is definitely.

IOT is all about connected things, connected people and connected world.

IOT is a complete robust ecosystem that has business applications in specific areas like Home Automation, Retail, Medical, Automobile etc.

Let’s have a look at an application of IOT in Home Automation:

Step 1: A temperature sensor network is pre-installed in the room integrated with the gateways that connect the data from sensors and transmit it to the internet. Gateway combines the temperature sensor network (devices) to the Internet via Cloud infrastructure.

Step 2: Cloud/server maintains the detail records about each and every device connected to it including device id, status, who has accessed the device last time and the count of accessed device.

Step 3: The connection of the devices with the cloud is implemented using web services.

Step 4: The end-users get to interact with the Cloud via the mobile application. A request will be sent to the cloud with the authentication and device information.

Step 5: The Cloud infrastructure will identify the connected device id and send the equivalent request to the appropriate sensor network using gateways.

Step 6: Then, the temperature sensor will read the current temperature in the room and will send the response back to the cloud.

Step 7: Finally, the user will see the current information directly on his screen.

Ultimately, you get to know the temperature of your room. Isn’t it amazing?

Yes, it is.

IOT is delivering innovation as a service to the whole world. It’s making our lives simpler to live.

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