iOanyT employee tracking solutions provide business organizations with an industry-leading employee tracking and management system that enables them to constantly monitor the location of their entire employee workforce in real-time.

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Employee workforce
in real-time

The GPS based tracking solution is designed to maximize the productivity of employees while giving organizations meaningful insights into how they can control and manage their work hours in the most efficient manner through an easy-to-use mobile app. The system automatically generates time sheets in real time, selectable by time, job and employee.

Some of the features of IOanyT bus tracking services are:

Real-time Location Tracking

The current location of every single member of the workforce can be seen along with information on their schedule for the present day

Downloadable Detailed Reports

A detailed report gives you information about not only the location of your employees but also the total distance covered that lets you deploy idle staff to productive assignments

Manage & Improve Field Force Productivity

You can view detailed reports about the activities and accomplishments of your employees recorded during the course of a particular day and use the information to create strategies that increase productivity

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